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17 unpublished poems by famous folk poet Yunus Emre, with poems read for centuries have been found.

Ahi Evran University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Turkish Language and Literature Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fatih Köksal informed that he discovered unpublished poems not known until today by leading figure in Turkish literature Yunus Emre in a manuscript he found in a bookstore. Prof. Dr. Köksal explained that the diwans were published by various publishers; however the copy he holds is not well known and this is the reason it has not been brought to daylight. Prof. Dr. Köksal marked that the manuscript has suffered serious damage in time;
however the parts featuring the poems are preserved and Ottoman writings can easily be read. Köksal added the
following: “Those who are familiar with Yunus Emre’s style and language understand that these are his poems. It is of great significance to have discovered 17 poems by a poet like Yunus Emre at once.”

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