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General Directorate for Foundations announced that around 4 thousand cultural monuments across Turkey have undergone restoration between years 2002 and 2015.

There are significant developments regarding the restoration of cultural monuments. More than 4 thousand monuments have undergone restoration in the past 13 years.

Countless inns, Turkish baths, mosques, masjids, fountains, bridges and arches dating back to Seljuk and Ottoman periods are revived thanks to the restorations carried out since 2002.

Head of General Directorate for Foundations Adnan Ertem expressed his opinions on the significant efforts, remarking that they have made substantial progress in the past 13 years particularly with regard to restoration. Ertem stated that as an organization they have accomplished numerous projectbased assignments and Directorate places importance on cultural monuments in Turkey and all monuments in Istanbul except Sultanahmet Mosque are restored.

Ertem marked that Hisarbey Bath in Bosnia-Herzegovina is the first monument they restored abroad and they particularly focus on monuments in the Balkans.

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