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500th Anniversary Of Sacred Relics’ arrival to Istanbul

Written by TR Dergisi

Taken over with Sultan Selim I’s conquest of Egypt in 1517, Sacred Relics have been in Istanbul for 500 years.

The sacred relics that the Ottoman Sultan Selim the Grim took over from the Mamluk State after the campaign to Egypt, have been preserved in Istanbul for 500 years. Invaluable sacred relics are kept in the Has Oda in Topkapı Palace since they were brought to Istanbul. The Ottoman Empire attached importance to gathering the precious belongings of Prophet Muhammad, and the Sacred Relics were brought to the Ottoman lands by Sultan Selim I for the first time. Finally, they were sent to the capital by Fahrettin Pasha during the First World War. Today, it is known that there are nearly 600 sacred relics in Topkapı Palace.

Among the exhibited works are the Prophet Muhammad’s coat, the case that preserves the prophet’s tooth broken during Battle of Uhud, his footprint, his letters, his arrow and sword, the can from which he drank water as well as Prophet Abraham’s cooking pot, staff of Moses, swords of Prophets David, Ali, Abu Bakr and Umar, Prophet Joseph’s coat of many colours, Koran of Prophet Osman, and the shirt, coat, prayer rug and chest that belonged to Prophet Fatimah.

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