50th Anniversary Of Burnt Palaces

Written by TR Dergisi

The 50th anniversary of the book ‘Burnt Palaces’, which soared beyond the ordinary literary templates of its time with its peculiar rythmic narration, is a perfect opportunity to read the distinctive name of Turkish literature, Sevim Burak.

Zeliha Sevim Burak (1931–1983), who has many works in many genres like theatre, novels, memoirs and letters, is mostly known for her storyteller identity. The author, who was never involved in a peculiar literature movement and instead attempted to form her own unique style, is known for using the stream of consciousness technique in her short stories. The author, who has spent her whole life in Istanbul except for two years in Africa, published her first novel ‘Burnt Palaces’ in the year 1965. In this short story collection, the author follows a path distant from ordinariness, pushing the limits visually and leaving room open for interpretation. Burak, who is known to have pinned the notes of papers of her work on the flowery curtains of her home and scattering the rest of her work over the floor, is the author of an extraordinary atmosphere that sheds light to storytelling today. Her book ‘Burnt Palaces’, which is considered to be one of her masterworks, is back on the shelves as special edition due to its 50th anniversary.

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