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Author Sinan Yağmur, favored by Turkish people with his books including ‘Tears of Love: Yunus Emre’, ’16 Turkish States’ and ‘Breaths from Mevlana’, wrote a piece for ‘.tr’ magazine inspired by Yunus Emre.

“I walk side by side
Love painted me in blood”

I burn like Yunus today. Who says “I tear my heart out, my essence troubled…” Tapduk left traces of exhaustion on his breath, I wish to go crazy rubbing my face on that doorstep. You say “Come! See! What love has made of me”. Where do I come? Is it love to see you, Yunus? My wounds are too deep Yunus. I have poured longing over my bleeding wounds. Tell me how to come. Don’t ask what my wound is! It is all love. All from Yunus.

“Lazy Yunus I am desperate
I am a wound from head to toe”

Explain to us once more. Explain Yunus! How do we know who we are? You once said “Our love says who we really are.” We do not deceive in our love. We do not deceive ourselves. We are not ashamed of our weakness and inability. We do not abstain from opening our secrets, troubles, issues to the sky like the palms of our hands. We recognize ourselves through love. We realize what we care for the most, the priorities in our lives, how we live and how we would like to live through our love.

With cinders of fire on my forehead, the fire of union in my eyes, I wish to burden myself with all grim, uneven, knotty logs, cross the deserts, arrive in the plains, and arrive filled with hope, without knowing that all those uneven logs on my back have become even. I wish to go to Heaven and hear your voice like Yunus.

I wish you would say “I am indecisive in love, I am here to move like Hacer in love in İsmailî deserts”!

“Who knows how I am doing abroad
Come see what love has made of me”

What is foreign land, where is homeland? Are foreign lands longing or meeting at heart? What is life Yunus, tell us! You said in Yunus’ language of love that “Our life lies in our love.” And you continued, with your heart trembling before your voice: “However people and world have become pages written in lies. Biggest lie: Love…”

Those who do not speak the language of love, do not know that flowers bloom in colours of love. They do not see that
trees yield fruit with love. That water flows with prayers of love, like prayers of zam-zam… Seeds crack with dhikrs
of love. Winds blow innocently, warm like a divine breath, cool like mornings in heaven, like the smell of a new-born
child. They do not know that the spirit that enlivens the earth is love.

Those who do not speak the language of love, do not know the language of the world. They do not understand the world and the world does not listen to them. For them the world is somewhere to fight. World attacks them with all its terror and they turn the world into a battlefield. They think they get what they want by force, through using force. They do not realize that what is missing from their lives is love, they carry the void in them everywhere like a heavy burden, but cannot tell what that is. They are deprived of life while suffering. They are deprived of living even when they are madly happy. They are deprived of life, because a love like Yunus’ is not in their lives. They cannot bring their pain and joy, grief and happiness into their prayers. They love living, but do not like to reflect on the
meaning of their lives. They live but do not ask themselves why they live.

“I am a wanderer in the hands of friends
Come see what love has made of me”

In this world where everything does not suit everyone, this is the reason the love like Yunus’ suits all. It loves tyrants and the wronged… One likes saving and another sharing. One enjoys cruelty and other forgiveness. His passion appears as love to the tyrant, the oppressed sees love as attaining to “The One”.

Yunus, you: I talk about love and sharing; they think “Leave them behind, come back to earth!”

The day the sky touches down to earth, we will realize how the love like Yunus’ brings us closer to heaven but it will be too late! Yunus, you say with your love “We are not on this world for a lawsuit, to judge. We are here to eradicate judgment from this world!” However just like two blind people walking on the same street who try to scratch each others’ eyes out, we continuously judge to push another to hell.”

Today I am at your door like Yunus! I am Yunus who comes with a heart fluttering like a pigeon’s. Please do not
ask me “Which Yunus”! I am at your doorstep. Step on my face with tears of love. Know that I either exist or die! There is someone speaking on love’s side, that is not me. I am quiet. “You” are the one who is speaking. It is you Yunus

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