A Summer Full of Art: The Madrasah of Theatre

Written by Adalet Çavdar

Madrasah of the Theatre has been continuing its training at the Sirince Village of the town of Selcuk in Izmir since 2012. This centre, has once again opened its doors with a full programme this year.

The purpose of the establishment of Madrasah of the Theatre is to provide a venue for the theatre artists and students of both Turkey and the world to be able to work and learn. At the same time, the Madrasah is the first performance research centre in Turkey. Furthermore, it is a place for people of different disciplines to take a breath of change, unite and meet up.

Just like its students, Madrasah of the Theatre is a school where people working in different fields of art and philosophy come together to think, work, visit, lodge, have fun and receive training. It is a venue for everyone who has a connection with theatre, art, music, philosophy and literature. It is also an area of working for those who are interested in undertaking individual work apart from the workshops. The number of the participants at these workshops, who come together to be trained by the many trainers from all corners of the world, is also quite extensive. Last summer, Madrasah of the Theatre had hosted approximately 200 participants in its workshops and international projects. The 2015 Summer Programme opened with an international philosophy workshop.Within the site, there are dormitories with bunk beds like in wards. Those, who wish to bring their tents, are also welcome. The participants are served meals three times a day for a symbolic amount of payment throughout their stays. The classical theatre workshops like movement, action and dialogue, foundational acting, improvisation, physical theatre, voice control in acting, modern clowning workshops, story telling, and theatre workshops for the youth aged between 14-18 are just some of the art based workshops. Furthermore, the International Michael Chekhov Workshop, solo performance workshop, mask acting and making, puppet making workshops promises its actors and candidates of acting with such cornerstone educational experiences. Madrasah of the Theatre, which aims to leave behind an alternative location for the future generations, also draws attention with its architectural structure. The place has been built like a meeting and reclusion location with all its doors leading to the main courtyard. It has been designed to produce and think. Madrasah of the Theatre is the perfect address for an arts and activity centre.

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