A Turkish Museum in Mongolia'
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Turkey is to open a museum in Mongolia with the aim of passing down the works on Turkish history, culture and traditions to future generations.
The artefacts uncovered during the archaeological digs in Tonyukuk Monument area in Mongolian capital Ulan Bator funded by Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA), will be gathered in a museum. The inscriptions which depict the historical events in Gokturk period, also give messages of unity to people and point out that it is  important for rulers to have wise advisors and to work in coordination with them to accomplish great things. Although the exact making date of the inscriptions are unknown, researchers point to the 8th century. An Orkhon Museum was inaugurated in Mongolia in fall 2008 by initiation of Republic of Turkey, and an 11 kilometres long asphalt road with a cost of 5 million Lira was built by the command of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for easy access to the site.

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