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Famous Numismatist Mehmet Tezçakın who provides consultancy to auction companies, selected the most interesting currencies in world history. Turkish currencies are also featured in the collection.
Third generation boss of a famous restaurant chain, Mehmet Tezçakın underlines that currency used as a shopping tool between people reflects the roots of countries and civilizations. Tezçakın marking that classical currencies feature portraits of leaders as well as patterns from nation’s art and culture, says that it is possible to come across intriguing examples outside of this frame. Some of the interesting Turkish currencies in the collection are as follows: The first Ottoman bill “kaime” designed in 1839 by famous calligraphers could not come into circulation and as a result, Costa Rica won the title “the most beautiful currency in the world”. Again in the Ottoman period, 50 thousand lira bills were issued on September 13th 1916 and each of them was worth 50 thousand gold pieces with a total weight of 360 kilos. Today each is worth 42,5 million Turkish liras.

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