Ambassor an Admirer of Turkey

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Mexican Ambassador to Ankara Martha Barcena who says they wish to further the cooperation between Mexico and Turkey, expressed her admiration of Turkey’s rich culture and cuisine.

Mexican Ambassador Martha Barcena assigned to capital Ankara, is a very social, lively individual who admires Turkey. Explaining that she enjoys traveling around Turkey at every opportunity, Barcena makes intense efforts to establish new collaborations between Mexico and Turkey with the consultations she holds. The ambassador who has been living in Turkey since 2013, says she is utterly pleased to be in Turkey.

Marking that she was fascinated with Istanbul and Bursa after her visits, Barcena proudly states that her four-years of tenure has been very busy and enjoyable. Barcena gets excited apparently when Istanbul is mentioned, and expresses her emotions as follows:”I admire İstanbul. I think it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is more to it… One of the most glorious cities in history of humanity.”

The ambassador expresses that she likes Aegean Region in Turkey very much, and that Turkish and Ottoman meals are another story. Barcena adresses the following on the subject: “I must say that I love Turkish meals. I can eat almost all of the dishes that are exclusive to Turkish cuisine.” The accomplished ambassador replies as “hünkârbeğendi” to the question “Which is your favounte dish?”

Raised in the dynamic atmosphere of Latin America, Martha Barcena has been fascinated with local folk dances since she was a small child. Barcena, who started ballet as early as six years old, received the support of her family. Immediately after completing elementary school, she intensely focused on the school of dance she was very passionate about. Barcena states that she simultaneously and successfully went to school and continued ballet trainings, and worked with high discipline and a busy pace until 18. Upon reaching a certain level, she joined the Mexican Young Dancers Company and soon began working as a professional.

Commenting on Turkey-Mexico relations, Barcena marks that the both countries had never been closer in the recent years. The ambassador states that Turkey is now in a new dimension in international relations, and informs that there were not too many collaborations between the two countries when she first began, and today there are nearly 20 agreements in numerous different sectors. In response to the question “How is the interest towards Turkey in Mex’ico?’\ Barcena replies as follows: “There are a number of Turkish TV series broadcast in Mexico. Frankly, my family follows Turkish series ccrıously.”

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