An Oriental Tale: Ishak Pasha Palace'
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Ishak Pasha Palace located in Doğubayazıt near Ağrı Mountain (Mount Ararat) awaits you with its fountains that once offered milk and honey and its unique architecture.


116 roomed Ishak Pasha Palace’s construction was launched in 1685 and completed in 99 years. A spectacular example of Turkish stone masonry, Palace is worth the visit.


Another attraction worth seeing near Ishak Pasha Palace is the Meteor Crater. Created by a massive meteor from space, crater is surrounded by a fence for preservation purposes.


Abdigor meatballs prepared by tendering the meat for a long time, is a local delicacy you cannot taste anywhere else in Turkey. Try the meatballs seasoned with spices in restaurants in Ağrı and Doğubayazıt.


It is difficult to leave Doğubayazıt located on the transit route between Turkey and Iran, empty-handed. You can find anything you are looking for from handmade samovars to aromatic teas and from decorative objects to electronic devices in the passages in the district.

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