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Turcologist author Meryem Aybike Sinan explained the prominent female poet of the Ottoman Era, Lady Mihri in her new book.

Meryem Aybike Sinan who explained Lady Mihri, who made her mark on the 15th century in her new book ‘Sultan of the Words Lady Mihri’ said that the poet is unfortunately not well known in Turkey. Author remarking that Lady Mihri’s divan was discovered by a Russian Turcologist, said “Whole world knows Lady Mihri but we don’t.” Lady Mihri, born in 1461 as the daughter of Amasya judge, was a well-educated woman who improved herself in various fields. Lady Mihri, a knowledgeable lady who read and interpreted prominent writers and thinkers of the period she lived in, is included in national curriculum of European countries. Meryem Aybike Sinan expressing that her book features select poems by famous poets, said, “NASA named a crater on Venus after Lady Mihri. Venus is a planet linked to women. Two Turkish women gave their names: one is Halide Edip and the other is Lady Mihri.”A prominent name in Turkish literature, Lady Mihri was called to the palace when she was 14 to be a maid to Sultan Bayezid First’s mother Gülbahar Sultan, and known as an influential figure of the period.

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