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Eurimages gave special mention to Kutluğ Ataman’s new film ‘Hilal’, ‘Feza’ ve ‘Diğer Gezegenler’ (Crescent, Space and Other Planets) in Rome Film Festival.

Acclaimed film director Kutluğ Ataman addresses February 28 Process (1997 Military Memorandum) in his new film which made an impact as it won awards before its release. Film with three awards in screenplay, strategy and planning categories is currently being shot. Accomplished director expressed the following in his award ceremony speech: “Thanks to this award, we are a step closer to narrating this story of major significance. On behalf of all Turkish citizens mistreated in February 28 Process, I thank all our friends in Europe.” Film achieved a great success and already received numerous awards including Turkey-Germany Coproduction Development Fund Award in “Meetings on the Bridge” section in 33rd Istanbul Film Festival and ARTE Award in Sarajevo Film Festival, a major European Festival. ‘Crescent, Space and Other Planets’ produced by Tacım Açık, was selected for L’Atelier category in Cannes Film Festival. Kutluğ Ataman made his mark on Antalya Film Festival last year with his film ‘Kuzu’ (Lamb) which received awards in six categories including “Best Film”.

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