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Autumn months is the best time to discover Istanbul on bike when nature is enlivened with all colours. So let’s begin pedalling…

The first steps towards a life with bicycle in Istanbul are already taken. Bike rental units in Sultanahmet have been renewed. Soon, some buses on certain IETT lines will be fitted with bicycle platforms. The Asian Continent section of 50 kilometres long bicycle road connects Bağdat Avenue-Kadıköy Pier-Göztepe route. The route on European Side connects to Sirkeci from Bakırköy, Edirnekapı and Zeytinburnu. Six kilometres long Kurt Kemeri Parkour in Belgrad Forest is a car-free zone and suitable for bicycles at every level. 40 kilometres long new biking roads are to be opened soon. Number of bicycle isles in the city rapidly increase: Prince Islands, Beykoz, Beşiktaş – Sarıyer coast, Fenerbahçe – Bostancı line, Yeşilköy, Ataköy, Ümraniye, Sefaköy, Beylikdüzü, Tuzla…


Did you know that the tourist biking roads in Europe called Eurovelo has reached a total length of 73 thousand kilometres? The number of tourists this road attracts annually reaches up to 10 millions. European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) President Manfred Neun suggested to organise World Velo-City Congress in Istanbul in recent months. Velo-city concept is not particular to Europe. An organisation under Velo-City Global roof brings together bicycle countries of the world. World Cycling Enthusiasts meeting held in March in capital of Taiwan Taipei, resembled a festival with participants from tens of countries. In this colourful event, held with the theme “Development of Bicycle” a manifest was also declared to encourage pedalling.

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