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Boron Revulation In Surgaries

Written by TR Dergisi

The boron-based adhesive produced by Turkish scientists can be used both inside and outside of the body in surgeries.

Turgut Özal Medical Centre made a request for a biocompatible adhesive to be used in surgeries, and “Boron-based antibacterial and biocompatible polyurethane adhesive with increased strength” was produced within the framework of the project initiated by TÜBİTAK and İnönü University funded by Scientific Research Projects (BAP). İnönü University Faculty of Science and Letters Department of Chemistry faculty members Prof. Dr. Burhan Ateş and Assoc. Dr. Süleyman Köytepe produced and patented a boron-based adhesive at the end of six years of efforts which can be used in operations, in inter-body surgeries as well as external injuries. Studies are conducted for boronbased adhesives to support sutures, to prevent fluid from getting in-between stitches and to prevent infection in the operation area, as well as to make it an alternative to stitching.

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