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Radio will continue to be an entertaining and educative box that has survived from past to our day but will never get old.

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Radio is undoubtedly the leading medium among the major mass communication media in the 20th century. Radio is an invention that has informed and educated people with news, book readings called “cliffhanger”, music and audio plays without requiring light, image, camera or actors.

This box that opened itself to Turkey in 1927, was not found in all households at first. Radio initially awaited its audience in venues like coffee houses and in public spaces. In this period where communication and correspondence were held with limited means, news were followed curiously by public that gathered in coffee houses in the evenings, and broadly discussed. As radios entered households in time, it became essential for women and especially for children. It was the honour guest preserved under doileys because it was considered the most valuable item in the house. If you had a radio at home, you would certainly host guests and news would be listened with utmost attention; the books read in the cliffhangers were awaited with excitement. Because radio was the medium where people both got informed and followed culture-arts activities.


One person and a full theatre play… I would like to talk about a concept that seems effortless although the whole burden falls on the voice of a single a actor and which fed the imagination of the listeners as much. Radio plays introduced the public with copyright works between 1940-1946 and with Western classics such as Madame Butterfly, Tosca, Maria’s Caprices, The Bourgeois Gentlemen, and Poet’s Wedding. Later radio turned to folk stories and presented the audience with works as Kerem and Aslı, Tahir and Zühre people would not get tired of listening over and over. Radio theatre did not ignore the children too. In 1941, with Radio Children’s Club Show, radio theatre started to broadcast children’s plays. Among these plays were world classic Pinocchio, life stories of important people which appealed to children’s imagination.  


Yunus Emre Enstitüsü project Sound of Turkish Radio Station, established with the aim of instructing Turkish language and promoting Turkish culture to the world, is the first radio station that reaches masses and assists people in learning Turkish. Sound of Turkish Radio, started its broadcast life as an internet radio, was established abiding by the language instruction system in European Language Portfolio. Radio that broadcasts twenty-four hours of the day and seven days of the week, presents the audience with various shows and musical genres. These shows are designed for basic, intermediate and advanced Turkish language levels. The successful broadcast life of Sound of Turkish Radio is crowned with the Intercultural Friendship and Interaction Prize it received in 2nd Radio Academy Awards organised by National Radio Platform (OYDAR) on social media.

Radio was established in Turkey in 1927 by Turkish Radio Telephone INC (TTTAŞ). Shows were broadcast live in this period. In 1936, radio administration was handed over to state institution PTT.

Radio was transferred to Public Publishing Directorate by PTT in 1940. It was technologically advanced with an improved airtime and power current in this period. Media and Tourism General Directorate made radio shows in 1946.

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