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19 year-old medical student Batuhan Daşdan has received Grandmaster (GM) title, considered as the highest honorary rank in the world for a professional chess player.

Interview: ADEM BULUT

When did you first take interest in chess?

I was in the first grade and my passion has grown since then.

How do you feel during chess matches?

I feel very stressed during grandmaster matches. I have to admit that I have a difficult time controlling my emotions during a match. In my last match and in two before that I played rather aggressively with the desire to win the game. This led me to take more risks than usual. I sincerely thank my family, my teachers and Turkish Chess Federation for their support on the course to success in chess.

Now what is the new direction and your next goal?

I am the tenth chess player in Turkish chess history to receive this title. My next goal is to reach to 2600 points and make it to the top 100 in “World Grandmaster” ranking. I have faith that I can achieve this.

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