Cinema Stars on Antalya Road'
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The aim is to build a studio in capital of Turkish tourism, Antalya similar to Universal Studios in Los Angeles where the heart of world cinema beats.

Efforts have been continued for a long time to build a massive film studio in Antalya. Making Antalya Film Festival more influential on the international scene and Antalya a cinema city are among primary goals. The project closely followed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will not be limited to a film studio; it is also expected to make significant contributions to Turkish economy. In addition to meetings held with production companies in USA, 5,000 acres of land is allocated for sets. With the completion of film sets, there is a prospect that Hollywood films may be filmed in Antalya, and famous directors and actors will have a leg in Antalya.

Menderes Türel (Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality)

I laughed when I heard that the “two most suitable cities in the world for filming in terms of sunlight are Antalya and Los Angeles.” Today scientists, lighting professionals and experts confirm this fact. We are ready to use the power of cinema to promote Turkey.

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