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Cookie Policy                                                                     Last Updated on: 21.02.2020

We use cookies to improve user experience and ensure that you can make use of our website in the most efficient manner. If you do not prefer to use cookies, you may delete or block cookies from the settings of your browser. However, please note that this will affect the way you experience our website fully. Unless you change your cookie settings at your browser, we will assume that you have accepted our policy for using cookies at this website.

1. What are cookies? How are they used?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device or network server by the websites you visit through your browser.

The main purposes of using cookies at our website are listed as follows:

  • To improve the services provided to you by enhancing the functionality and performance of the website;
  • To optimize the website and offer new features on the website and personalize the features provided on the website; and
  • To ensure legal and commercial security of the website, you and our Institute.

2. Types of Cookies Used at our Website

Cookie Type


Session Cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies used during the time our visitors use our website and deleted upon the closure of the browser.

The primary purpose of using such cookies is to ensure proper functioning of our website during your visit.

Functionality cookies

These are anonymous cookies allowing our Institute’s website to remember characteristics and preferences of our visitors. Based on the information collected, may show content to our visitors. If such cookies are rejected:

• some part of the webpage may not be used;

• the level of service offered by the webpage may decrease; and

• when the webpage does not remember your preferences, a feature unique to you may not be used or shown; remembering your preferences may be rejected.

3. Cookies Used at our Website




We use cookies to collect information about countries and cities of our visitors, if provided.

Browser and Operating System Type

We use cookies to collect information about the Internet browser and operating system of our visitors, if provided.

Google Analytics

We collect login and clicking data of our visitors with Google Analytics.

4. Blocking Cookie Use

You have the option to personalize your preferences regarding cookies by changing the settings of your browser. The browser producers offer help pages about cooking management using their products. Please refer to the following table for more information.

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox


Profiling and activities for improving our website may be performed using the methods described in this Cookie Policy.

This Cookie Policy, prepared by our Institute for its website, may be updated periodically in advance to show our personal data practices. If our Cookie Policy undergoes a major change, a visible notice will be placed on our website to provide information on the change. In addition, you can find the date this Cookie Policy was last updated at the upper part of this Cookie Policy.