Coup Attempt to be Adapted to Cinema'
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Eurasian Media Forum will produce a film titled Attempt that narrates the heinous military coup attempt against Turkish people on July 15th.

According to Forum’s statement, the project will be realised in order to correctly explain the attempt on July 15th on international arena and to emphasise the solidarity of Turkish people. To be produced by Halit Ziya Alptekin, the film aims to adapt the events on the night of coup attempt and its aftermath to the white screen. Alptekin, marking that they will realise the project to share the epic resistance of Turkish people to the world, continued as follows: “Many local and foreign stars will be featured in the film. In addition, the producer of major shows as  Çanakkale Geçilmez and Colours of Turkey, Head of our Culture and Arts Commission Murat Baytaş is currently working on a musical.” Alptekin stated that they anticipate to begin shooting by using latest technology in October and that they have received  positive feedback from statesmen and the sector on the film and musical.

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