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New York Public Library has offered internet users more than 200 thousand photographs which have become public domain.

New York Public Library NYPL opened its digital archive to users. Images that can be used free of charge are thousands of manuscripts including ‘Shahnama’ one of the masterpieces of Iranian literature written in the 11th
century, maps, photographs, postcards, bound musical notes and other visuals. These can be downloaded via library’s website, free of charge. Process of uploading images to the web was announced with “No permission required, just download and use” message by the library administration. Images were categorized according to centuries, types and regions for easy access. Some special digital games and tools are among the contents of the
library archive. Officials in NYPL, one of the top three public libraries in the United States, stated that the
huge archive will be digitized and new content will be added on a daily basis. Archive can be reached via

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