Diyarbakır Crowned with UNESCO

Written by Melih Uslu

The ancient city of southeast Anatolia has consecutively received two awards: The Historical Diyarbakır Fortress and the Hevsel Gardens have been added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Diyarbakır, which is as ancient as the grand cities of human history such as Ephesus, Hattusha, Babylon and Nineveh, had served as a continuous settlement area throughout history. The city, which has functioned as the bridge between Anatolia and the Middle East for many centuries, was confined with strong fortresses in order to protect its magnificent cultural accumulation. The city walls, which evokes the image of a turbot fish from a bird’s eye view, have been bonded with honeycoloured stones. The city walls have four entrance gates facing different locations for the purposes of making entrance into the city easier. The external facade of the towers have been adorned with the images of lions, tigers, bulls, snakes, scorpions, crabs and various plants that live in the forrests surrounding the city. The area between the city walls and the Tigris River have been arranged as vineyards, gardens and market gardening zones. In time, these green areas that are considered to be the lungs of the city, were called the Hevsel Gardens. In short, we ought to state that the crown of UNESCO fits the cultural treasures of Diyarbakır quite well.

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