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Referred as the Oscar of the TV world, Turkish designer Ayhan Cebe won the Emmy Award in graphic and animation.

Ayhan Cebe who received graphics and design award in Motion Design field in this year’s EMMY Awards with a project designed for world peace, became a source of pride for Turkey. Cebe received the award with an animation project designed for an orchestra performance for world peace, and American media widely covered the incident where he stepped on the stage with his baby to receive the award.

Young designer expresses that he gets inspiration for his works from the music he listens to, a book he reads or the dreams he has. Cebe won great recognition with his work, and he received the award for his work which was a part of a social project, taking his achievement to a higher level. Work designed in a way to reflect the soul of the performance of orchestra, comprised of artists from all corners of the world, was completed in New York.

Cebe with a tremendous achievement, said in his award cerem ony speech that he was honored to receive the award on behalf of Turkey and Turkish nation.

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