Ephesus Museum Multiplied by Five

Written by TR Dergisi

Reopened after a three-year long restoration, number of historical artifacts in Ephesus Museum is multiplied by about five times the previous amount.

New halls are added to the Ephesus Museum, fully refurbished using colors and lighting that feature the artifacts. More than 3 thousand findings never exhibited before, have also taken their places in the museum. The introductory film depicting the transformation of Ephesus throughout ages can be seen in the information hall built in museum entrance. Fountain sculptures discovered in Ephesus excavations, and a plan of city’s waterways are exhibited in the next hall. Samples from Slope Houses in museum’s finding hall are exhibited this extensively for the first time. An ivory frieze consisting of very tiny pieces depicts a scene in which Emperor Trajan is preparing for a battle against barbarians. Numerous new artifacts from Temple of Artemis, considered among seven wonders of the world are displayed in various sections of Ephesus Museum. There are around 400 temple findings in the museum alongside ‘Great Artemis’ and ‘Beautiful Artemis’ statues. Those who visit the museum get the chance to observe Ephesus’ historical texture dating back to 8 thousand years ago, how locals lived, what they took interest in, fashion culture in ancient ages, history of medical science and its connection to our day, and how Mother Goddess culture spread around Anatolia.

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