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Written by Ebru Çavdar

While getting to the end of 2018, I believe it is necessary to make a general assessment and to start the preparations of the new year. Turkey, by all means, left behind a year with full of big changes and innovations. Going through significant changes from politics to economics, science to art, Turkey kept becoming the central point of international relations and developing policies in has kept all fields by creating its own equations.
With all its official and civilian institutions, our country puts so much effort both into creating its own internal dynamics and seeking solutions unceasingly for the fundamental problems of the humanity worldwide. It has never been seen that the great and active powers deal only with their own people’s problems without going out of their own political borders; on the contrary, it is a crystal-clear fact that they make their presence felt all over the world. Such that, Turkey carries out an effective diplomacy within an extensive geography from Australia to America through its remarkable accumulation and power.
The political and economic power of our country arises from the richness of our nation’s inner world, undoubtedly. By means of this potential power, Turkey plays an active role in solving the problems by taking an important humanitarian responsibility in five continents. Besides, Turkey produces a meaningful policy by turning this great global and humanistic power into an active diplomacy.
Turkey, of course, covered a significant distance by taking the new aviation center of the world to Istanbul, at the end of October. When all its phases are completed, more than 200 million people will have a chance to know Turkey better by landing in Istanbul. This is, of course, a significant transformation that will lead different people from various nations to form associations from science to industry, economics to politics.

The Yunus Emre Institute, too, has a significant its activities by doing works in compliance with Turkey’s image and profile throughout 2018. We continued Turkish education both at the our Cultural Centres and at the universities abroad to promote Turkey better and to let Turkey have an effective network in the international sphere. We even ensured the teaching of Turkish by reaching more than 100 thousand people via Turkish Teaching Portal, apart from real places. We tried to bring together and connect our country’s scientists with the other ones working in different countries of the world over a digital network by Turkey Academic and Scientific Cooperation Project, as well. In addition to all these, we tried to contribute to our country’s image by working to express and convey efforts, Turkey’s cultural agenda through our cultural activities in five continents.
We hosted people from different professions from China in our country by designing events such as “Be Our Guest” which aims to increase Turkey’s tourism potential and to host tourists from different geographies. At the end, “Tourism Development and Collaboration” agreement has been signed between Anhui Province and The Yunus Emre Institute. According to the protocol which is to promote Turkey in China, it is aimed to make cultural exchanges and collaborations on various fields between the two countries.
Imagining that the year 2019 will be a new promise for our nation and for all the humanity, I wish the new year brings peace, tranquility and prosperity, and I wish you all a happy new year, sincerely.
To meet in fuller issues, with all my respect, love and affection.

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