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Exhibition Designed with State-of-the-art Technology The Eurasia Tunnel Museum

Written by TR Dergisi

The story and the unprecedented construction phase of the Eurasia Tunnel that crosses the Bosphorus underwater, meet with tunnel users with state-of-the-art narration techniques.

The Eurasia Tunnel, successfully completed without damaging the historical texture of the continents, stretches between Yen i kapı in Fatih province that hosts some of the most precious remains of the Byzantine Empire, and the heart of Kadıköy district in Asia. Located separately in the entrance hall of the Eurasia Tunnel Operation and Maintenance Building over an area of 80 square metres and in the open area outside the building, the Eurasia Tunnel Museum aims to introduce the presentation and evaluation phases of the project, its technological expertise aspects, and the people who played role in realizing the project as a whole through an interesting story line.

The digital exhibition that witnesses historical events and begins with a summary of numerous previous efforts aimed at connecting Europe and Asia at this point, goes all the way back to the time when Persians attempted to cross the water to occupy Ancient Greece. A general overview of similar projects around the world is presented in the museum featuring also a gripping comparison of Eurasia Tunnel with other long tunnels. The remaining parts from the machinery employed at construction site, are placed on massive concrete plates in a way for the visitors to see as they leave the museum. Parts of other small machines are placed in a way to form a more abstract composition, and functions of these machines are explained to visitors through diagrams and sketches.

İn building’s garden, the parts of devices developed for seismic links and concrete segments that constitute the tunnel surface can be seen. İn addition, parts of the precast section are placed at the tunnel entrance. The four projectors in the Eurasia Tunnel Museum that has an unprecedented design and implementation in Turkey, are set up to project dynamic wall mapping information on a 16-meters-long screen. İt is aimed for the projected and constantly changing huge source of information to surround and embrace visitors the moment they enter the exhibition hall.

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