Final in Turkey-Qatar Culture Year

2015 Turkey-Qatar Culture Year hosting colorful cultural events, carries the long-established relations between two countries into the future.

2015 Turkey-Qatar Culture Year predicates a significant initiative that aims to enable and deepen reunification between two countries and their people through exchange of arts, culture, legacy and sports. Huge organization is carried out through collaborations with various institutions abroad as well as active support of participating countries. Organization also blazes the trail for a series of cultural exchange programs. 2015 Culture Year has hosted various conferences, a Turkish-Arabic music concert, an international food festival, fashion workshops, a friendly game, a ladies sahur, a modern art exhibition and Ramadan conversations since the beginning of the year, and still remains popular with important guests. Literature Council titled “History and Identity” held with prominent pen in Turkish literature, İskender Pala is just an example.

Since Turkey and Qatar continue to discover their similarities and differences in 2015 Culture Year, economic relations rapidly develop as well. As Turkey increases the number of flights organized between Istanbul and Doha, Qatar does not request visa from citizens of Turkish Republic. Construction activities can be seen all across Qatar which is among world’s wealthiest countries with regard to per capita income. Investments made for FIFA World Cup to be organized in 2022 in capital Doha, constitute a major part of construction activities. Business volume of Turkish construction companies in Qatar reaches up to 50 billion US Dollars. In the meantime, a total of 11 stadiums are being built in Qatar, three being under renovation. On the other hand Turkey continues to take Gulf countries, particularly Qatar, by storm. More than 200 companies are expected to participate in Qatar 2nd Turkish Products Fair to be held in Doha between 5-8 December 2015. The aim of the fair is to bring together members of Turkish private sector with professionals from Gulf countries. For information:

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