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Written by Filiz Altun

Studies to be conducted by the Byzantine Studies Application and Research Center recently established within Boğaziçi University will also shed light on the history and culture of Istanbul and Ottomans.

An application and research center was established within Boğaziçi University with the aim to contribute to the development of studies on Byzantine civilization in Turkey and around the world. Professor Doctor Nevra Necipoğlu
of Boğaziçi University, a Byzantine history specialist, will chair the Boğaziçi University Byzantine Studies Application and Research Center, a first of its kind to be founded at a state university in Turkey. The purpose of the Center is to carry the accumulated academic knowledge on Byzantine history, culture, art and architectural history and archeology to the global level and to contribute to its development. Among the basic functions of the center are encouraging the education of researchers to work on Byzantine civilization in Turkey, contributing to the ongoing research, and providing an environment suitable for the exchange of ideas among researchers and scholars from Turkey and abroad. The aim is to promote a better understanding of the history and culture of Medieval Anatolia and the Balkans, Istanbul and early Ottomans by way of these studies.

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