Five Thousand Years Old Throne in Adobe Palace

Written by TR Dergisi

A throne dating back to 3000 B.C. was discovered in Malatya Aslantepe tumulus, home to the world’s oldest adobe palace.

A throne estimated to date back to 5000 years ago came to light in excavations in Aslantepe, the first city-state in Anatolia. Aslantepe Tumulus Head of Excavation Committee Prof. Dr. Marcella Frangipane said that the throne they unearthed in a public building was made of adobe, and people would enter through palace’s front gate, pass the forecourt and move towards the platform where throne is placed to appear before the king or leader. A faculty member in Rome La Sapienza University, Frangipane referred to the importance of the throne, and continued as follows: “The building throne is placed in is not a temple but a royal building. A small platform was built in the forecourt for people to come into the king’s presence. We think that people used to appear before the king with some kind of ceremony. These findings indicate the beginning of state system. Adobe throne is significant in this respect.” Frangipane emphasized that the number of tourists visiting the region will rise as new artifacts continue to come into light in the excavation site, and the palace in Aslantepe is unparalleled

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