Gastronomic Display of Turkey Tradesmen Restaurant

Written by TR Dergisi

Common all around Turkey and especially in city centres, tradesmen restaurants play an important role in surviving and promoting Turkish gastronomy traditions

Lately the efforts to raise awareness on healthy eating, has made the tradesmen restaurant tradition a current topic.

In these restaurants offering street versions of home-cooked meals, almost anyone can find something to their taste. These rich, healthy meals are similar to the meals we have at home. At the same time, tradesmen restaurants showcase the local wealth of Turkey for tourism purposes. The presentation of local foods ranging from olive oil dishes to pot dishes, from local syrup desserts to soup varieties, and local delicacies from Turkey, is an important opportunity to introduce Turkish palate to the world. Meals served change according to the days which lead to emergence of “menu of the day” concept. In this respect, there are always freshly cooked dishes among the options offered at tradesmen restaurants.

Customers who prefer the same place to eat and become regulars, are recognized by the shop owner in time, and thus a certain dialogue is established between them. This proves that tradesmen restaurants have an authentic culture of their own.

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