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HAVELSAN develops original and national solutions in a number of fields ranging from simulation technology to cyber security.

Founded in 1982 within the Turkish Armed Forces Strengthening Foundation, HAVELSAN is a technology company. HAVELSAN develops both original national technologies and also for private sectors and carries out its activities under four main titled. These are Command and Control Defence Technologies, Training and Simulation Technologies, Country and Cyber Security Solutions and Management Information Systems.

At the same time, HAVELSAN provides simulators for land, sea and air platforms which considerably contribute to local economy. In addition, electronic data such as election systems, land registry procedures, national judicial network are provided and secured by HAVELSAN. It is also the most prominent Turkish e-government transformation company due to this feature.


The operations carried out under the title “Country and Cyber security solutions” are aimed at malware and cyber attacks that threaten Turkey. Such actions are tested in the cyber security laboratory and the aim is to provide solutions and services.

“Training and simulation technologies” aim to produce synthetic training tools, mainly warplane simulators. In addition to warplane simulators, armoured vehicle simulators, missile systems training simulators, parachute simulators are among the services of HAVELSAN.

The Department of Management Information Systems deals with rapid identification and resolution of malfunctions within institutions. In the same way, applications in the fields of public information, energy, health, security, cyber security, cloud computing, large data, intelligent systems, intelligence, defence information and procurement, image and video processing, are developed in line with needs.

Thanks to Command and Control Defence Technologies, original and national solutions are developed and technical support is provided in defence and security, on a wide range including command-control on strategic, tactical and operational levels, communication, data processing, intelligence, systems engineering aimed at surveillance and reconnaissance, integration, testing and training.

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