Intense Interest in Istanbul City Walls'
Written by TR Editör

The exhibition called Çeperde (On the Fringe) on city walls, built in the 5th century and gives character to Istanbul was acclaimed by visitors.

Koç University Anatolian Civilizations Research Centre (ANAMED) hosts the exhibition On the Fringe, The Istanbul Land Walls. The exhibition open until January 2nd is about the Land Walls considered as one of the most important monuments of Istanbul. The walls on the UNESCO World Heritage List, also referred to as Theodosian Walls, and their surroundings are exhibited and the multi-layered cultural landscape of the city throughout its 1600-year history is displayed. As part of the exhibition, the  traces of Istanbul’s authentic daily life in written and visual documents are sought and historical periods city walls have witnessed are observed. The exhibition features the connection of walls to city’s waterworks and green areas, the spiritual memory integrated with the city walls, the stories of people who have lived around the walls and the memories of locals and travellers who visited the city walls.

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