July 15th Explained to the International Academic Community

We interviewed Selman Arslanbaş, Istanbul Aydın University (İAÜ) Deputy Director for International Relations who hosted a major event that explained the international academic community the struggle for democracy Turkish nation demonstrated on July 15th.

What are your opinions regarding the purpose, scope and objectives of the panel titled “Reflections of July 15th Coup Attempt in Turkey on the World” you organized as Aydın University?

The panel was organized by the Eurasian University Association-EURAS, Istanbul Aydın University is the founding chairman of. With nearly 100 member universities  from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, EURAS informs the international academic community in numerous regional and international panels, symposiums and with studies. With the panel titled “Reflections of July 15th Coup Attempt in Turkey on the World”, the attitude or insensitivity of the West on July 15th was expressed by Western academicians. From this point of view, the panel is important in emphasizing that Turkey was right in some decisions made in July 15th period regarding the international academic community.

What was the reaction of foreign scholars in the panel, how did the activity resonate in the world?

Our panellists from reputable higher education institutions in the world, underlined that Turkey is not alone in the West and that many European countries failed to stand on Turkey’s side and demonstrate a democratic stance on July 15th. Turkey closed ranks in the name of democracy as country and nation and we were very pleased to see that inspired the participants. The event was announced to numerous higher education institutions through the international academic publications EURAS regularly makes. We received motivating, friendly, supportive messages from our colleagues in countries like Spain and Germany. Despite Europe’s insensitivity, we appreciate the support many scholars have given to Turkey’s democratic stance.

Do you have any other projects to explain July 15th as a university on the international platform?

Istanbul Aydın University is the first university to condemn the attempt targeting Turkey’s democratic rule of law and national will on the night of July 15th with the “Claim Democracy” meeting. The meeting held in Florya campus of our university, was attended by the academic and administrative staff as well as a large number of Turkish and foreign students. What moved us the most was foreign students studying in Aydın university attended this meeting carrying Turkish flags and they stood on our side for solidarity and unity. In the future, we will continue such activities in order to inform the international academic community through correct channels. We will continue to make artistic and scientific studies on July 15th. The preparations to nominate Turkish people for Nobel Peace Prize are also ongoing. Even though this prize has a symbolic meaning in rewarding the stand exhibited by the glorious Turkish nation, we have adopted the principles of keeping in agenda on all kinds of international platforms, and explaining our struggle for democracy on July 15th country by country.


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