Kuslat’s Story to be Adapted to Film

Written by TR Dergisi

Built in the 15th century by Ottoman soldiers during Turkish conquest of Bosnia, striking story of Kuslat Mosque is to be adapted to film.

A major cultural heritage is located near Zvornik city at northeastern Bosnia-Herzegovina. Historical Kuslat Mosque at the top of a hill overlooking the region, resembling an eagle’s nest, is not diverse only due to its location. Sanctuary at a thousand meters that can be reached after a half-hour long walk through forest paths, was built by Ottoman soldiers around 1460. Mosque that suffered damages during the Bosnian war, was renovated in 2013 and opened for worship.

Today seen as the symbol of Turkish conquest of Bosnia, story of the Mosque is adapted to a short film titled ‘Where Birds Perform Prayers Only on Fridays: Kuslat Mosque’. According to the film crew, it has been long planned to make a film about this special mosque.

In order to attract more attention to the film, famous Ottoman traveler Evliya Çelebi was integrated into the screenplay. Head of Zvornik Islamic Union Council Mustafa Muharemoviç to have a part in the film says that during the Bosnian War people could only perform prayers on Fridays and holidays in the mosque, today open for worship

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