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Gümüşlük Academy known for its social responsibility projects, launches a new project by gathering numerous writers and researchers in seminars on language.

With the idea that “quantity” is required to create more independent texts, Gümüşlük Academy Foundation starts
2016 with a new seminar series. First theme of the seminars was determined as “language”, the realm of existence
of the unconscious, collectivism and agent. Seminars on language will be organized in Istanbul between February
and April 2016 as part of the project, and another meeting will be held in summer to form a “model narrative”. The aim is to overcome the issue of intertextuality by bringing together different writers and researchers and their texts on the language axis.
Istanbul Seminars to be gathered here will be studied and new sessions will be organized to produce new texts. Detailed information on seminars with limited participation can be found on the website

To take start with “The Unconscious andLanguage” by Erdoğan Özman, some seminars to be held are as follows:

6 March: Senem Timuroğlu “Dark Continent and Language”
13 March: Ali Serdar “The Fear of Women in Us”

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