‘Moby Dick’ in Turkey

Written by TR Dergisi

Did you know that you can see white whales, subject to world-famous novel ‘Moby Dick’ by American writer Herman Melville, in Turkish seas?

There are around 90 different species of whale and dolphin in world seas and fresh waters. 12 of these species can be seen in Turkish waters. There is one sea creature so famous that it has inspired novels and films: ‘Moby Dick’. Novel opening with the quote “Call me Ishmael”, depicts the adventures of sailor Captain Ahab in pursuit of a whale called ‘Moby Dick’, through Ishmael’s narration. This giant fish also referred to as “White Whale” and “Big Head” in Turkish, is known to be the largest carnivorous species in the world. An aggressive species, Cuvier’s beaked whale usually with scars all over its body, minke known to be the most curious whale, fin whale famous for its speed that can reach up to 50 kilometers per hour, and mesoplodon rarely seen in world seas, can be observed in Turkish seas alongside ‘Moby Dick’. Furthermore cachalots with a length reaching up to 18 meters, and a weight up to 24 tonnes, can dive to depths around three thousand meters.

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