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World-famous American film star Morgan Freeman visited Konya to shoot his documentary titled ‘Mysteries of the Universe’.

Born in 1937, accomplished actor visited Konya for the new season of the documentary titled ‘Mysteries of the Universe’ he produces and hosts. Sufism will be covered in the new season of the documentary in which history of world religions and different faiths around the world are narrated.

With a total of six seasons released until now, document was filmed in Çatalhöyük in Karatay district of Konya, regarded as one of the first settlements in history of humanity. Morgan Freeman was accompanied by prominent tourism officials and dig research experts throughout the filming held in archaeological site dating back to Neolithic Age. Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Mustafa Çıpan who accompanied Freeman and his team for filming of the document, said, “Filming which focused on onset of civilization, agriculture, animal breeding, human interaction with the environment, struggle with nature and transition to economic life, will greatly contribute in promoting Konya on an international level considering that series’ are known and influential worldwide.”

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