Muğla’s Rag Dolls'
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Rag Dolls made by Artist Rabia Şiir Dürüst from Marmaris with inspiration from the local attire of Muğla women, are in demand all around the world.

The beginning of R. Şiir Dürüst ‘s journey of making local rag dolls is an interesting story. Artist, impressed by the colourful worlds of countrywomen in Muğla, visited every inch of the region, and was hosted by  locals. She dug out old shalwars from chests, noted down all she saw and heard. When Muğla Governorship supported her local rag doll idea, she rolled up her sleeves.

After six months of efforts, she made rag doll models authentic to Marmaris, Çomakdağ, Bodrum and Fethiye. Artist made her first rag dolls using a wooden component called “stick”. When she realised that porcelain dolls are highly in demand, she began using this material for hands, face and feet. She makes the torso by filling pressed cloth with cotton. She dresses the rag dolls with authentic Muğla garments, using all items from girth to belt and three-skirt to kaftan. She pays attention to details in rag dolls: embroidery, sequin, shalwar, wool socks, and undergarments. She started online promotion and published booklets in various languages explaining how she makes dolls. We appreciate Dürüst’s efforts who marks that there is demand for rag dolls from all around the world and wish her to set an example to people.


State Artist Candidate R. Şiir Dürüst


We ask Dürüst how she makes a rag doll who says “You too can make rag dolls with inspiration from traditional garments of the region you live in”. First she introduces the material. A nut-sized wooden bead, a piece of cotton, copper wire, thread and pieces of fabric… First we make hands and feet with the wire attached to the wooden bead. After making hair using pieces of thread, we wrap the torso with cotton. Later we make the garments using rags at home. Rag doll is ready when you draw eyes, eyebrows and a mouth on doll’s head using a marker pen.

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