Orhan Pamuk Received Oz Literary Prize

Written by TR Dergisi

Orhan Pamuk received Erdal Öz Literary Prize for his contributions in the art of novel writing and to Turkish literature opening up to the world.

2015 Erdal Öz Literary Prize is awarded for the 8th time this year. Selection committee consisting of organization members announced that Orhan Pamuk was deemed worthy of the prize. Committee with experienced writers as members stated that Pamuk received the prize for “transforming novel writing into art of painting with words”.

Head of 2015 Selection Committee for Erdal Öz Literary Prize, Feride Çiçekoğlu said, “Orhan Pamuk contributed to Turkish literature on a global scale, and used new narrative techniques. Especially in his latest book ‘Kafamda Bir Tuhaflık’ (A Strangeness in my Mind) the writer narrates the long adventure he has had in Turkey since 1960s, with sensitivity of a miniature artist.” In his novel ‘A Strangeness in my Mind’, written six years after ‘Museum of Innocence’, Orhan Pamuk depicts the urban and social transformation Istanbul has gone through from 1960s to 2012 via the life story of a boza seller.

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