Pay attention while skiing!'
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Skiing is a sport that can lead to various accidents if attention is not paid. This is why instruction must be received beforehand. Because correct postures and movements can only be learned in these lessons. Here are tips and tricks for a safe skiing experience:

* Before exercising, muscles should be warmed up through exercise.
* Avoid heavy fried foods before skiing and drink plenty of liquids.
* In order to prevent dryness of mouth, breath through your mouth.
* Because snow reflects sun rays, glasses that filter ultraviolet light should be used.
* Warning signs on the tracks must be taken into consideration.
* Children should not be allowed to ski without wearing a helmet.
* Special protective wristbands should be used.
* Do not attempt risky moves without instructor’s approval.
* Those with heart problems should consult their doctors before skiing.
* In cases such as dizziness and shortness of breath that may occur at altitudes over 2,000

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