Payitaht (Capital) İstanbul

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Those who make Istanbul the capital of their hearts…

Holy city Istanbul built on seven hills, would be “the capital if the whole world was a single county” as stated in the famous quote by Napoleon. In the book, you will witness the historical journey of Istanbul, the poets and travellers who admired the capital of the world. The work that features seventeen articles on Istanbul, one of the rare cities that can serve as the capital of the world, as well as photographs and postcards of Istanbul. You will witness what Istanbul, that has hosted a number of civilizations, went through on the stage of history, on the pages of the book Payitaht Istanbul.

The book features many interesting facts such as the British Cemetery located in Haydarpaşa and the arrival of German Zeppelin in Istanbul.

The Prime Meridian of the Ottoman Empire was Hagia Sophia

The prime meridian is the first meridian considered as zero point to determine the geographical position of a country on the earth. The prime meridian used to calculate the time differences, is today the Greenwich meridian in London. According to the information provided in the book, the Ottoman State accepted “Arz-ı Khalife” (Zero Point Stone) passing through the dome of the Hagia Sophia Mosque as the prime meridian on its territory. Calendar, time and measurements were based on this system, which was changed by a law in 1932. Instead, The Greenwich meridian was adopted as the prime meridian and national time system was introduced.

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