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We passed through an important time period when the world was deeply affected. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the whole world and caused pain that was very difficult to compensate, the world went through very serious tests. We all witnessed the change of our habits in this period of time. While staying at home and conducting work from home, we had the opportunity to reach a wider audience by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the digital world.

In this issue of our magazine, we want to share with you, our dear readers, the cologne culture that we have traditionally used for centuries in terms of hygiene, which we appreciate even more during the pandemic. We present to you, our dear readers, a comprehensive study on the culture, history and place of cologne in our lives. In addition, we discuss the story of Turkish entrepreneurs who started an initiative that could set an example for the world about visors, medical protection materials that came into our lives with the COVID-19 epidemic, and the vaccine, which became more important in the wake of the pandemic. The article examining the social and economic dimensions of the pandemic that deeply affects the world is available in our magazine.

The possibilities of the digital world have been rediscovered in this period when the world is witnessing lockdowns to an extent it has never experienced before. In line with the possibilities of technology, life started to flow from home and the digital world opened its doors to all kinds of events. As Yunus Emre Institute, we have carried out cultural activities and events that will give a little morale in difficult times when all life was taken from the street to the house. We had a nice conversation with Oktay Kaynarca, the Turkish cinema and TV series actor, about Turkish cinema by bringing together his fans in the Balkans in a virtual environment. We had a pleasant conversation with Amin Maalouf, who came together with Turkish readers as part of the Istanbul Literature Festival. We had a comprehensive interview with Peren Pirsaygılı Mut on Palestinian literature and her book on Palestinian literature.

In this issue, we share just a few of the activities that we have reached hundreds of thousands of people in the virtual environment. In this issue of our magazine, we present many different topics to our readers. We are bringing you, our esteemed readers, an article by Andrew Petersen of the University of Wales on the Ottoman pilgrimage route, which he put forward as a result of many years of research. We hope that you will enjoy our pleasant interviews with Okay Temiz, a leading artist in the world in the field of percussion and a State Artist, and Musa Dağdeviren, who devoted his life to promoting our traditional and local cuisine in the country and Turkish cuisine abroad in the most accurate way.

.tr magazine brings all these plus its guests to you, our dear readers. We wish you a pleasant reading experience as well as health and well-being.

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