Project that Connects Continents: EURASIA'
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The Eurasia Tunnel connecting two sides of Istanbul under the sea by road, was opened. The road between Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe that currently takes 100 minutes, will be reduced to 15 minutes with this tunnel.

Istanbul connected Asia and Europe once again after Yavuz Sultan Bridge. This connection took place with the opening of Eurasia Tunnel. The opening ceremony held on December 20th was widely attended by figures of politics and bureaucracy circles. Marmaray, the first junction of the two sides underwater, enables the rail system passage while the Eurasia Tunnel allows only passage of small vehicles with wheels. The traffic problem in Istanbul that aims to host large international organizations, is expected to reduce significantly.


The project was realised after the completion of underwater works and the link road works on the land. The length of the project that runs between Göztepe and Kazlıçeşme, is 14.5 kilometres. A 5.4-kilometre section of the tunnel is under the sea floor. Project consists of a two-storey tunnel with two lanes through which cars and minibuses pass. The tunnel is supplied with oxygen by a mechanical ventilation system with two shafts. The ventilation shaft located on  Asian side, was elevated 25 meters above ground to not to affect the Siyami Ersek Hospital nearby. The ventilation shaft on the European side was placed five meters above the ground level to not to spoil the silhouette of the Historical Peninsula. Eurasia Tunnel can only be used by light vehicles as cars, minibuses and vans. Heavy vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians can not enter the tunnel. Approximately half a million people are expected to pass through the tunnel each day.


Seok Jae Seo (Deputy Chairman of Eurasia Tunnel Inc.)

The solution to the traffic problem of Istanbul, through which a deep water route passes, requires advanced technology, high engineering and expertise. Eurasia Tunnel Project both offers the fastest transportation between Asia and Europe, and enables travelling safely and comfortably. The project also brings an environmentally friendly approach to metropolitan transportation. I believe that this project with a world-wide significance will be a source of inspiration for many countries.

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