SLOW CITIES in Turkey'
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The symbol of Cittaslow International is a snail. And in order to become a cittaslow, a town must fulfil more than 50 criteria as cutting down noise pollution and fast traffic, increasing green and pedestrian areas, encouraging local farmers and vendors of these products and preserving local aesthetic elements.

Here are the snail cities of Turkey…

1 Akyaka (Muğla)
2 Gökçeada (Çanakkale)
3 Halfeti (Şanlıurfa)
4 Perşembe (Ordu)
5 Şavşat (Artvin)
6 Seferihisar (İzmir)
7 Taraklı (Sakarya)
8 Uzundere (Erzurum)
9 Vize (Kırklareli)
10 Yalvaç (Isparta)

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