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Suat Köçer made his first short movie titled ‘The Story of Nokta’, he adapted from his novel ‘Story with Nine Lives’.

A screen writer for over 14 years, Suat Köçer completed his first short movie. The film produced in two days depicts the tragicomic story of an idealist publisher. Film featuring experienced actor Bülent Polat and Seçkin Sevim, Tolga Kortunay, Abdullah Çubuk and Rıdvan Meral, narrates an idealist magazine director’s tragicomic experience.

Adapted from Suat Köçer’s book ‘Story With Nine Lives’ published in 2012, ‘The Story of Nokta’ depicts the conflict between the ideals of individuals who try to sustain their magazine ‘Ay Vakti’ (Moon Time) with idealistic feelings and the economic hardships they face. Ahmet Toklu is the Assistant Director and Halil Aslan is the Director of Photography of the film completed with the fund received from Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Young director Köçer began his writing journey writing short stories in middle school, and wrote culture arts pieces for various national magazines. After his books ‘What Kind of a Saturday is this’ and ‘Maybe a Movie will Visit the City’ published by Sepya Publications, he released ‘Story with Nine Lives’ which brought his short film to life. The adventures of nine cats living in Kızılcı Neighborhood are depicted in this interesting work. Köçer transferring his passion for cinema from screenwriting to sets, presented his first short film ‘The Story of Nokta’ to the taste of cinema lovers.
‘Ay Vakti’ Magazine Editor Mümtaz Hoca and his students decide to release a Mustafa Kutlu “special issue”, and visit a businessman to ask him to place ads in the magazine so they can cover the printing costs. They are once more forced to face with relationships based on money and self-interest here, they unwillingly visited to sustain their magazine. This magazine team representing humility against vanity and austerity against greed, primarily get support of their own ideals. Despite the relentless cogs of the wheel of trade, these idealistic people who get their shares, give us the message that there will be people who wish to save the world as long as it turns.


Suat Köçer (Director)
“Magazines have been the media where various ideas and fractions develop in different regions of Turkey, and these introduce themselves to masses, even throughout generations. As time passes, the economic balances surrounding life particularly push culture-arts magazines not funded by holdings or supported by masses to great difficulties. We frequently witness in this process the clash between idealistic emotions and economic parameters, and the tragicomic events which occur as a result. This is what I aimed to narrate in ‘The Story of Nokta’.”

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