Sun-dried Aegean Tomato in World Kitchens

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Harvested in fertile Aegean flatlands and dried under sun, tomato is now in demand in Japan after Europe and USA.

Sun-dried tomato that became one of the delicacies in demand in world cuisines with its taste, arrives at tables after a difficult journey. Nowadays this nutritious food makes towards becoming one of the essentials in kitchens around the world.

As Aegean Exporters Union exported 17 thousand 683 tons of dried tomato in 2013, this amount increased in 2014 and reached 19 thousand 59 tons in 2015. Tomato export in 2016 was 10 thousand 707 tons.

Tomato cultivated in Turgutlu district of Manisa, one of the prominent tomato production centres in Turkey, are picked from fields, loaded on tractors and sent away to dry. Tomatoes halved by workers here are placed on a white cloth on the ground. Tomatoes left to dry under

the sun for 5 or 6 days, are later collected and sent to exporter companies.

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