Thales Mathematics Museum

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The doors of Thales Mathematics Museum, which completely removes the boundaries of mathematics, are open to everyone.

Thales Mathematics Museum, founded by Başak Educational Services in Aydın on May 27th, 2015, aims both to make children love mathematics and  create awareness on museum touring. With its founders who have half a century of education experience, the museum continues on its path with confident and sure steps.


After exploring examples such as Mathematikum in Giessen, Germany; MoMath in New York, USA; Archimedes Garden in Italy, Mathlove in South Korea, and R&D studies, Thales Mathematics Museum have opened its doors to everyone. The sole purpose behind its establishment is to make mathematics which is defined as abstract, concrete, and to relay it by adapting it to everyday life. At the same time, museum instructors speak of everyday mathematics as well as the mathematics in the curriculum, for the knowledge to last.


Mathematics taught by expert mathematics instructors through stories and theories, provides students with a distinct perspective. Students who ‘touch’ mathematics, learn to think freely, to generate new ideas and to approach new problems with different answers. At the same time, the largest Open-Air Science Park in Europe, I.Q. Centre Open Air Science Park located in Thales Mathematics Museum offers the wall-less education system implemented in Scandinavian countries.

Thales Mathematics Museum, which moves away from rote education and completely removes the boundaries of mathematics, shows the way of understanding and interpreting the problems differently to students.

This museum appealing to all individuals older than third grade, attracts attention with various workshops organized and integrates everybody with activities such as mathematical games and applied laboratories. The museum, also a supporter of undergraduate and graduate education, has an applied laboratory where algebraic surfaces are presented along with equations. In applied laboratory, individuals can generate their own topological surfaces with their own equations.

Thales Mathematics Museum that hosts various activities, organizes mathematics Olympics, exhibitions and seminars as well as visiting many Turkish cities with “Travelling Thales Mathematics Museum”.

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