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The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant in Konya

Written by TR Dergisi

Tender process for world’s largest solar power plant in Konya Karapınar, has been completed. With implementation of the project, new sectors related to agriculture and animal husbandry will emerge.

Tender process for world’s largest (photovoltaic) solar power plant to be built in Karapınar, has been completed. Konya received 1.3 billion dollars worth investment with the project to open a new period for Turkey in use of renewable energy resources. Karapınar Solar Energy Power Plant which will produce 1.7 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to meet the electric need of 600 thousand houses, has become world’s largest GES fi el d. Konya Governor Yakup Canbolat, who stated that the completed Karapınar YEKA contract is the biggest step in this massive investment to be made in the region, said, “As part of the project, a solar panel factory with a minimum production capacity of 500 megawatts of photovoltaic module per year will be set up in Turkey, and for 10 years, allocation of 1000 megawatts connection capacity will be made in Karapınar YEKA.” According to the agreement, Turkish engineers will be employed in 80 percent of the project. Furthermore, a team of 1000 experts will come to Konya which will significantly contribute to the region in terms of qualified personnel recruitment.

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