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A delicacy presented by Turkey to the world, sesame ring bagel, croissant of Viennese-French origin dating back to the Ottomans and traditional Bavaria snack pretzel…

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What goes well with a glass of hot tea when you are hungry? Of course a fresh, crispy bagel and a piece of feta cheese… With a history dating back to the Ottoman State, bagel that is a delicacy of Sultan tables has survived to our day. This traditional delicacy invented in palace kitchens and handed out as gifts from the Sultan, can be found everywhere nowadays. Bagel that appeals to all as an affordable and filling snack, have cheddar, sujuk and molasses types in addition to the classical recipe.

Price: 1 TL


Did you know that the story of French people’s pride croissant involves the Ottomans? Bakers who spotted the Ottoman army digging tunnels to surround Vienna in 1683, started to bake croissant in the shape of crescent on this occasion and after Queen Marie Antoinette married the French king, it became a French national delicacy. Today an essential in breakfasts, try this classical puffy snack smelling of butter that is crunchy and lightly burnt on top and crumbles when heated, with a cup of coffee.

Price: 2 Euros (Around 6 TL)


Traditional snack of Bavaria region, pretzel’s history dates back to 610 AC. This food prepared for the first time by an Italian priest as a gift to his students, was prepared with inspiration from crossing arms action which is a prayer ritual. As the curves of pretzel prepared by using flour, yeast, water, butter and sea salt are crunchy, the middle section has a soft texture. Pretzel that is an essential for breakfasts mainly in Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland and in many European countries, has sesame, seed, caramel and walnut varieties.

Price: 2 Euros (Around 6 TL)

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