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Time to Ski in Turkey

Written by TR Dergisi

Offering winter views, mountain hotels, modern facilities and ski slopes in compliance with international standards, Turkey awaits skiing enthusiasts.


One of Turkey’s oldest winter tourism regions, Uludağ is known as a ski paradise that has not gone out of fashion for many years. At 35 kilometres distance from Bursa, Uludağ opened its gates to tourism in the 1940s. It is an irreplaceable resort for winter holidays with its ski slopes in compliance with international standards, modern mechanical facilities, and luxurious hotels. The winter sports centre built on two hills in Uludağ, is a massive natural park which is under protection as a national park. Surrounded by forests, the lowest altitude in the resort is 1750 metres as the peak is at 2435 meters. Alpine-style skiing where one descends slaloming is very common in the resort. There are a number of accommodation options available in Uludağ for various budgets ranging from five-star modern holiday villages to boutique mountain hotels decorated with antiques and affordable guest houses.



For perfect skiing, Kartalkaya at 45 kilometres distance to Bolu, awaiting skiing enthusiasts with an ideal climate for winter sports, high snow quality and a virgin nature. The ski resort is unaffected by the wind thanks to sheltered slopes covered with trees. At the same time, snowflakes which can remain dry for a long period of time, provide a convenient terrain for skiing. Kartalkaya is also suitable for snowboarding, sledding, paintball and motor safari in addition to skiing with 13 main ski-runs. The longest one among pistes that comply with international standards, is 1400 meters long. At the resort which offers slopes suitable for skiers at every level, the steep black track is for experienced skiers and the bowl piste is suitable for intermediate skiers. The promenade piste is ideal for those who wish to enjoy winter scenery.

Davraz is the ideal destination for skiing along the shores of Lakes Region. Davraz Winter Sports Centre, at 26 kilometres distance from Isparta, is established on the slopes of Mount Davraz. There are 13 ski-runs with lengths ranging from 1.5 to 4 kilometres in the resort, suitable for skiers of all levels. Blue tracks are preferred by beginners or skiers who want to improve their skills. Red tracks appeal to intermediate level skiers, as black pistes appeal to professionals. Outside of skiing, you can go on touring ski, snowboard and climb in Davraz. With an altitude reaching up to 2344 metres and its view, Davraz awaits ski lovers.



One of the most popular resorts in Turkey for winter tourism with its snow quality, Palandöken is 5 kilometres from Erzurum city centre. The ski season that begins in November, lasts until late April. Palandöken is a rare destination for winter sports with a 70-kilometre-long mountain chain where peaks merge into a cone. Ejder (Dragon) track in the resort is one of the largest tracks in the world with an uninterrupted length of 10 km. Palandöken’s pistes are among world’s longest and steepest slopes. 6 thousand people can simultaneously use the pistes at altitudes ranging from 2150 to 3130 meters. In addition to skiing, it offers a pleasant time with different alternatives such as mountain climbing, paragliding, snow-tube, and paintball.


Erciyes known as Turkish Alps, is one of the stars of winter tourism with its soft snow that does not easily stick and a broad variety of pistes suitable for skiers of all levels. Erciyes, which is a dormant volcanic mountain, has become a winter sports centre with an altitude between 2100 and 2900. You enjoy the winter view in the region with the cable car which is 650 meters long. The centre that offers a variety of alternatives such as summer skiing, touring ski and heli-skiing, is an important destination also for mountaineering.

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