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Broadcasting in 190 countries TRT World that commenced test broadcast on May 18th, 2015, today transmits the voice of Turkey to all corners of the world, and raises its sights…

TRT World is Turkey’s brand new television channel. The channel envisaged as a major tool for promotion of Turkey by public hand, launched satellite broadcasting on October 27th, 2015. Channel with major achievements despite its short background, today reaches 190 countries worldwide. Channel staff is utterly determined and zealous from managers to reporters. They work hard to elevate TRT World to a higher level. Agreements have been made with world’s prominent television platforms. We interviewed senior directors of TRT World that features documentaries similar to the National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel, and received answers first hand.

Why and in line with which need was TRT World established?

Due to our geographical location, we are closer than the rest of the world to events that change world’s destiny, wars, suffering, crises, andjoys, in short to “the news”. TRT World was established not as the official newsletter of the Turkish government, but also to tell the truth to the world, as stated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Our aim is to place “people” in the centre of news without discriminating. To broadcast the voice of these people in the oppressed region to the whole world without discriminating based on religion, language and race. İn this sense, we have designated a vision that will bring to the forefront not only what is visible but also the causes without pursuing false breaking news, without discriminating between peoples and without labelling any individual or organization. Most importantly, we have the willpower and resources to disrupt the global game, to shed light on the truth and make it accessible, to initiate change and to achieve success. On this occasion we wish to herald the positive change in the world.

How did you prepare during the establishment phase?

İncluding the establishment phase, we have been working intensively for nearly three years. There are dozens of television channels that broadcast English news. İn order to be able to attract viewers of these channels, it was necessary to set a distinct broadcasting policy and select the target mass well. We identified the shortcomings and strong points of currently broadcasting establishments. For that purpose, we prioritized market research. We elaborated on what new we can offer. We have consulted with the experts in international broadcasting and set off with a rational strategy.

Will you be able to compete with other international news channels?

Our competitors such as BBC and CNN have been active for years and they have substantial experience. İ sincerely believe that we will close this gap with our mission and motivation as TRT World. Naturally this takes some time. However, we arouse curiosity and attract attention with our stance and broadcasting policy on an international level. This adds to our strength. We working incessantly to achieve our goals.

How many people in how many countries TRT World broadcasts reach at this stage, and through which platforms?

TRT World currently broadcasts in 190 countries. We have met and continue to meet with large distribution operators. We can also be viewed on prominent platforms as well as satellite networks. We are on nearly 20 platforms including MHz Network in Washington, USA, Canal in France, Sky Deutschland in Germany and BelN in Middle East. We continue to add to our platform network each passing day. İ hope that no part of the world will go without TRT World.

TRT World is Turkey’s brand new television channel. The channel envisaged as a major tool for promotion of Turkey by public hand, launched satellite broadcasting on October 27th, 2015.

İbrahim Eren/ Deputy DG TRT Network Chairman TRT World


Working With Journalists From 31 Different Nations

Could you inform us about your news team?

Journalists from a total of 31 different nations work together in the news centre. Each has different work habits and points of view. However they have one thing in common: they are all professional journalists. What we pay attention to in interviews are whether if the candidate has a good command of in international politics and geopolitics. At the same time, they must also be familiar with Turkey.

The channel does not exclusively carry out operations in Turkey. Which are the other countries? Currently we actively broadcast from London and Washington. Approximately 20 journalists work in our office in London. They feel the pulse of both England and Europe. If you want to be an international journalist, you should reach far.

And you should be able to make the events heard instantly through correct sources. In Washington, we report news from all around America to our viewers with a total of 12journalists. We will soon launch our operations in Singapore to make our presence felt in Asia. These three offices are the main centres of TRT World. In addition, there is a number of TRT offices including offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina Kosovo, Brussels and Germany. These also provide services to TRT World.

How is the feedback?

We are new, there are many years ahead. But our accomplishments in a short period makes us proud. Other international TV channels closely follow us. However, when there is breaking news from Turkey, w e are followed and viewed as a source. International channels interrupted their broadcasts during the İstanbul Atatürk Airport attack and broadcast our channel on-screen for minutes. Even the local channels of countries as Australia and Canada carried our broadcast to their screens. But we need more time to to win better recognition.

Through which media do you broadcast outside of television?

TV is no longer the only means to reach people. Especially in the world where digital publishing becomes widespread and advances at an incredible pace, we are also present and confident. We have a strong digital infrastructure and team. We have a website and we are on all social media channels, and reach all corners of the world. We are now also preferred in news related to our region. We have digital content with millions of views.

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